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Beloved Carol,

I am a lovely, intelligent woman who has got a fantastic job, an amazing home and extremely I’m endowed with a wonderful life. The single thing that holds me straight back is actually I have problems with becoming “shy”. When a female i’m attracted to makes eye contact we will look out or walk in one other course as I was becoming contacted. Everytime Im someplace that we see somebody i’m interested in we never ever appear to be able to get in the courage to approach their. Do you have any guidelines or pointers you’ll be able to advise to greatly help me personally get over this?



Dear Timid,

Knowing that you’re bashful and planning to work at it will be the first step in gaining the confidence getting past this. As you mentioned you may be a beautiful, lady who is positive and comfortable in most additional part of your lifetime and merely struggles with obtaining past the stress and anxiety of the first day. If you decide to approach someone get it done with the exact same simplicity and self-confidence you’d address a prospective company friend. Whenever you approach somebody do not look at it since they are gonna examine that see if you compare well but; view it while evaluating them to find out if they measure up to meet your needs. You get visual communication; the destination is there; avoid using the shyness as a weakness but be upfront and tell them you are shy through the start. This is often an alluring attractive attribute if you find yourself initial about any of it. When you have obtained over dealing with it you may feel a sense of reduction and before very long you are your self and the discussion will be moving. The very first date can be just around the corner.

Keep in mind you are able to turn any weakness into an energy by coping with it head on and facing your own fears!



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